5 Ways to sweeten Valentine’s Day

3 mins readFeb 10, 2020

Love is… not waiting until the last minute to get your Valentine’s gift. Valentine’s Day isn’t always about flowers and Baileys and chocolate. Why not think outside the box and find something special for the rum aficionado in your life; guy or gal and keep February 14th cliché-free with a sexy and sophisticated gift. Just make sure it’s a bottle that’s crafted from love and affection – with just the right amount of sugar cane.

Rum, you may have noted, is having a moment. Having been adopted by the fashion and gourmet set, it began breaking sales records last year. In 2020 rum continues to reinvent itself globally thanks to brand experimentation and product innovation in every market. But for us, a well-chosen bottle of rum will always be our romantic Caribbean mood-setter.

Celebrate love, companionship and closeness with the spirit of the Caribbean – rum that’s a mere click away and delivered free to your Valentine’s door.

Zacapa 23-year-old  for the modern valentine

Latin-lovers make fiery companions they say, and this rum suggests how to get the mix right. Zacapa rum is produced by Master Blender Lorena Vásquez a fabled figure of mystique in the rum world; originally from Nicaragua and rooted in pharmaceutical chemistry but one who operates on intuition and palate. She adapts and blends the Spanish system of solera-aging with the unique traditions of Guatemala rum distilling at Zacapa’s “House Above the Clouds”. The aging facility 2,300m above sea level was especially chosen by the Vásquez. https://youtu.be/YiGzLPoiw4Q

The result? An exciting but easy sipping rum that has become a real crowd-pleaser. Perfect in spirited cocktails like Manhattans and Old Fashioned’s, it’s a gift that marries well in any situation.

2. Mount Gay XO – For the intellectual valentine.


To seduce is to captivate the mind as well as the senses so we suggest Bajan rum Mount Gay which has been enchanting legions of smitten fans since 1703. That gives you 300 years’ worth of trivia to take your Valentine’s full attention and keep it on you. Established by John Sober (no, really) Mount Gay distillery in Barbados claims it is the oldest one on record and drinking Mount Gay rum is like taking tasty steps back in time. The XO stands for Extra Old and the rum is an opulent blend aged for between 8 and 15 years. This is true Caribbean style rum and a cool gift.

3. Havana Club Seleccion De Maestros – For a romantic end to dinner

The Gold Medal-winning liquid inside the Seleccion De Maestros was handpicked by Cuba’s maestros roneros from the company’s finest aged stock casks. It is then finished in brand new oak barrels chosen by the same maestros for their superior qualities and finally, is bottled straight from the barrel. This is a real expression of Cuba, drier than other rums, so if your Valentine fears rum is too sweet – this one fits the bill. Perfect after dinner with one ice cube to quiet things down and bring some focussed attention to date night. It is definitely the best value for the price within the Havana Club range.

4. Appleton Estate 21-year-old – for a true Cayman Islands Valentine.

Nothing says ‘we be limin’ like Cayman Islands favourite Appleton Estate Rum, and it’s agreed that this 21-year-old is one of the most delicious sipping rums out there. Every rum in this blend is aged for 21 years OR MORE under the same aging rules as any prestigious single malt scotch. This results in a limited production of an exceptional rum that has its own character every year. This rum is powerful but delicate with citrus, spice and woody notes and nutmeg, coffee and warm cocoa. Make sure every ting criss for your Valentine with this gift!

5. Bruichladdich Black Art – For the adventurous Valentine

In most romances a little mystery and subterfuge must come, just to keep things interesting. So insist on eyes closed and introduce some taste-test fun, à la Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in 9 ½ weeks, with a deviously delicious bottle of the Bruichladdich Black Art . https://youtu.be/R_XskMQzMck
This Scotch whisky is aged in a cryptic composition of casks, kept secret and hand-selected by Master Distiller Jim McEwan – but can your Valentine guess what they are drinking? Is it whisky or rum? We are sure they were ex-rum barrels crafted into the process because the nose on this edition is reminiscent of a nice sipping rum. A little pricier than the other options but a completely unexpected gift idea.

The best ideas come while sipping rum said Pavol Kazimir. Pick one of our recommended rums for your Valentine this year, with smooth online ordering and free delivery, you’ll be sure to delight.