Cayman Cocktail Week 2020 – October 16-23 2020

3 mins readOct 9, 2020

Well, things were looking pretty dicey earlier this year and it seems we still have a way to go before normality resumes (or even new-normal). 

But here I am working hard on this year’s Cayman Cocktail Week specials and events and it seems EVERYONE WANTS TO JOIN ME! We have a host of sold out events already with a ton of great ones left and an exciting launch party! 2020 ain’t all bad.
This year will be a bit different, of course. We won’t have any visiting special guests which is a bummer as we’ve had some great ones: Lorena Vasquez, Master Blender of Zacapa Rum, Terry Fraser, Master Distiller of Tanqueray, Joy Spence herself, the Queen of rum and the Master Blender of Appleton Rum and many more. 
Even without our special guests, we’re lucky! We have so many great bars and restaurants in Cayman so it wasn’t hard to put together a fantastic schedule!
I’ve been told this year is looking more ‘edgy’ than usual. I put that down to my new partner in crime here at Jacques Scott, Amba Lamb and her enthusiastic fresh start. 
The very edgy, Amba Lamb.
We’re indulging ourselves by bringing to life all our wishlist events. Talisker and Trainspotting at the VIP cinema in Camana Bay. A Scottish cult classic shown on the big screen and accompanied by Talisker cocktails and snacks. This certainly isn’t a movie for everyone but we’re down to our last 10 tickets so it’s a hit!
Talisker and Trainspotting at the VIP cinema in Camana Bay – ALMOST SOLD OUT!
If this isn’t for you, perhaps a Buenos Aires Street Art cocktail party at Anchor & Den is more up your street? No? What about brunch at Karoo with Ciroc Vodka? Cayman loves brunch and this event is a Cocktail Week favourite.
Brunch at Karoo
You can find the full list of events on our website. It’s pretty edgy… and there really is something for everyone. ????
I have one last paragraph to write and it is an ode to the QR Code.
Brought into mega popularity in the Cayman Islands during post-Covid lockdown days, the QR code made it possible for restaurants to offer paperless menus (sans germs) to the socially distant diners. I’m fairly certain people have been using them for years but I’ve been in a haze of early parenthood and have missed some things (many things).
Scan our QR code and you can view all of the bars and restaurants on island serving up Cayman Cocktail Week specials this October. You can click on their menus and check out their witty cocktail names and delightful sounding ingredients. As simple as it may seem, this is my new favourite thing this year. 


Let’s go try some cocktails this weekend!