Celebrating James Bond and his love of Bollinger Champagne with a Limited Edition Special Cuvee 007

2 mins readOct 4, 2021

Just in time for the 25th James Bond movie, No Time To Die, Bollinger has teamed up with the film to bring us The Bollinger Special Cuvee 007 – Limited Edition gift box set.
James is a man who loves his martinis shaken, not stirred. Still, given his luxurious taste buds, a love of “bubbles”, Champagne Bollinger bubbles, the choice seems like a natural pairing that also features in the movie’s storyline.
Champagne Bollinger was a part of Ian Fleming’s novel Diamonds are Forever, and then for Live & Let Die, Bollinger was selected as ‘the product to appear on-screen. Dating back to 1973, a long-term partnership between the Bollinger and Broccoli family (the family who produce Bond films), began. A simple handshake secured the deal in the 70’s and continues today, after more than 40 years.
Bollinger has featured in 16 of the 25 James Bond films and began producing limited edition bottles in 2008. The bottles featured in Quantum of Solace, then for Skyfall, Spectre, and now No Time to Die.
Cyril Delarue, a sixth-generation member of the Bollinger family, said in his interview with Gotham Magazine: “Our philosophy at Bollinger is, “if it is good for the wine, we do it.” As one of only three remaining family-owned Houses, we can preserve labor-intensive practices that we believe are necessary to produce extraordinarily distinct, powerful wines. Each element of Bollinger’s winemaking approach is special, but the magic really comes to life when taken altogether”.
It seems James Bond and Bollinger share many values: excellent, authenticity and elegance. As British Champagne brand, it feels natural that the most secret of agents (Mr. Bond) pair with this iconic Champagne brand.
You’ll find the silhouette of James Bond (Daniel Craig) featured on the box alongside his exquisite Aston Martin DB5. The image was shot by celebrity photographer: Greg Williams.
This is Daniel Craigs‘ fifth Bond film; his other notable credits include iconic “The Power of One” and “Infamous”.

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