Crush Beer FOMO with Heineken 0.0

3 mins readMar 12, 2020

Award winning travel journalist & author Larry Olmsted didn’t miss it; Men’s Health Food & Nutrition Editor Paul Kita hasn’t either and we’re betting you won’t miss the alcohol in the new Heineken either. In blind taste tests many people are simply not getting a difference in taste, between good old-fashioned Heineken and the new alcohol-free Heineken 0.0.
Nicholas Moulder, Heineken brand manager at Burrows, said: “Heineken 0.0% is unique in that it can be consumed anywhere, from bars to cinemas and barbershops, that don’t have an alcoholic licence but still want to provide a beer-like option to their customers.” Burrows said that as consumers move towards the trend of wellness and increased sobriety, non-alcoholic beer allows drinkers to lead more balanced lifestyles.
Some beer lovers have switched from regular to Heineken 0.0 to fit their keto and low-carb lifestyle needs. Some choose it for a tasty low calorie treat (only 69 calories per bottle), you can’t argue with a beer that won’t make you fat, can you? And plenty more consumers are dabbling in a little temperance these days. Aside from dry-January and other fashion forward tee-totallers, millennials are quite moderate in their alcohol consumption and are leading the demand for low and no-alcohol beverages that are exciting, flavourful and healthy.

Enjoy photos from our March 6, 2020 Heineken 0.0 Launch Event

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Then there are those all-day events like BBQ’s and cookouts here in the Cayman Islands heat, where you need to be sure you’re still standing by nightfall. And for business-forward gatherings, people want to stay sober or mix in Heineken 0.0 with their regular drink as the hours party by. Some people just want a beer at lunchtime without falling asleep in the afternoon. And we believe too, that Heineken has delivered a perfect solution for the designated drivers – a tasty beer with none of the booze, eliminating FOMO from their night-out. Whatever prompts people to try it, Heineken 0.0 is catching on. Since it’s rollout last year the Heineken brand has grown 7.7%, it’s best performance in a decade, and largely fuelled by the new Heineken Light and Heineken 0.0.
The iconic green bottle is just the same, the subtle difference is a blue label. It pours out a light clear yellow larger body – typical of every Heineken that’s come before it. And then that smell! The trademark Heineken skunkiness that the brand worked so hard to create in the first place still attacks your nose and tingles your taste buds, just like before. That’s because Heineken are innovators and leaders in their space and went ahead and brewed this beer in the time-honoured way. Using the traditional water, malted barley and hop extract; and allowing it to ferment, like a regular beer. Then they release all the alcohol in a natural process. When the booze is out, they add back in some natural flavours. Hence, it’s been tricking taste-testers. Take a swig and enjoy the familiar malt sweetness and metallic tang. We discern a slight difference in the finish for sure, but that just makes us happy to advise non-drinkers that this truly is, alcohol free.
Some tee-total consumers might come to this beverage wary –in the past many beers came to market claiming to be free of alcohol, but in fact contained anything up to 0.5% by volume. This beer could be called a malted fizzy drink though, as it’s definitely alcohol free, and safe for any non-drinker. If you’re challenged on this point – just remember that lots of things we eat and drink are certified as 0.0% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) which by industry standards is classified as ‘virtually nil’. Even orange juice in the supermarket or a plethora of processed food have somewhere between .02% – 03% ABV.
It’s a testament to the fabled Heineken innovation and dedication to its vision that this near-beer is so – well – near-bear! The question is: Will you be able to tell the beer apart? 
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