Dry January is here!

3 mins readJan 8, 2024

Well hello 2024! Here we are making resolutions. Cliche’ it may be but one of the most popular adult new year resolutions is to have a “dry January”.

We recuperate from our over inevitable indulgences made during the holiday season. Your liver might need a break; however, you don’t want to lose the ritual of having an adult beverage with dinner or next to the pool on Sunday.

Dry January with Jacques Scott
No need to avoid an adult bevvy this January!

Let’s start with alcohol removed wine. Jacques Scott carry a wide variety of alcohol removed wine called Fre. New technology (referred to as Spinning Cone) is used to remove alcohol from already fermented wine, allowing the flavor and texture of wine to remain similar to an alcoholic version. The process occurs without altering the integrity of the wine itself. Using centrifugal force and a rotating column the alcohol is evaporated through proper temperature adjustments leaving a great product to consume for dry January.

Fre wines come in a wide variety. Everything from bubbles to still red, white and rose wine. Sweet and dry there’s something for every taste bud and to support your desire for an adult beverage, and honour your dry January resolution.

Another wonderful option in this sans-booze category is our new Whitley Niel zero alcohol gins. With delicious flavors like Raspberry and Rhubarb ginger you can’t go wrong with a cheeky mocktail. Spinning cone vacuum column is used throughout the United Kingdom which is a similar process to the one Fre wines are dervied from (of course, to remove the alcohol).

Temperatures are controlled to ensure the flavours of Scottish raspberries and juniper are intact leaving you with a light delightful alcohol free gin to enjoy in a mocktail. Raspberry would be perfect with our Fever Tree Refreshingly light Cucumber tonic, or even then elder flower tonic. The rhubarb ginger gin would be incredible with Fever Tree Ginger Beer, or ginger ale, an absolutely refreshing treat to be enjoyed any time of the day.

Drop in to any Jacques Scott location on island (or browse our selection online) and ask our team about Non-Alcoholic options for your dry January.

Kat’s selections for the best non-alcoholic beverages


Our guest author, Kathryn (Kat) Turley!

Kat Turley
Kathryn (Kat) Turley of Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.

Kat is originally from the great state of New York. She has spent the last decade travelling extensively and working in all areas of hospitality. One of her job roles included being lucky enough to work as a travel concierge in Marlborough New Zealand, which is where her interest in wine began. She ended up on this little rock 6 or-so, years ago as a scuba instructor, and then her life took a turn towards a profession in wine.

After being welcomed back into the service industry, she then had the opportunity to follow her passion and study wines in depth. While completing her WSET level 3 she worked at West Indies Wine Company as well as Blackbeard’s as a wine specialist, which then led to the next move in her wine career; proudly joining the Jacques Scott team. Moving forward she continues to follow her passion and actively broadens her knowledge through teaching the students in the school of Hospitality in UCCI, sampling new products and staying relevant on wine news, and weekly tastings!