Easter Camping, a Cayman tradition

3 mins readApr 5, 2023


Cayman Easter Camping

There is the beautiful tradition in Cayman to utilize Easter weekend to camp on the beach. And what goes great with the beach? Beverages!! Here at Jacques Scott we have so much to offer as far as a traditional sit down Easter dinner, beach camping, or everyday needs.

But I am here to tell you about wine! If you are having a traditional Easter meal, it must mean you’re munching on some honey glazed ham, roasted lamb, or even roasted chicken. There are so many wines that would offer a great accompaniment to any of those proteins, and all of the sides you can imagine, everything from veggies, to roasted potatoes and mac and cheese. The beautiful thing about pairing at this point is there is nearly no limit to the possibilities.

If you are looking for a light white wine with beautiful acidity to cut the creaminess of mashed potatoes or the sweetness of a ham look no further, Albert Pic Chablis is the perfect pairing. It is a gorgeous straw yellow color and releases pleasant floral, fruity (peach and citrus), mineral and herbaceous notes to the nose: and is a beautifully fresh wine. Price wise this wine drinks like a $60.00 bottle, but costs $47.99, and pair perfectly with all sorts. Alternatively, if you crave something a bit fruity, with bright acidity and crisp refreshing quality, you can choose Whispering angel rose ($27.99). Being a rose it will stand up well to the protein of your choice, especially ham! Being a dry wine, it is extremely fruity, driven by the taste of strawberry, tangerine peel, passion fruit and white peach. Not only will this stand up to a rich Easter meal, but would be a great addition to any camping trip. It is so refreshing you will find yourself going back for more.


If you require something a bit on fresh, bright, and aromatic side, you can Explore your wine taste and purchase our new Caparra e Sicillani Ciro Greco Bianco which is on sale this month for $10.99. It is gorgeous, straw yellow colour, and on the nose and the palate is light, refreshing, and fruity. Alternatively if you prefer something of an oak bomb, you can go for one of our powerful and delicious buttery California Chardonnays. Frank Family Chardonnay ($49.99) is a great chardonnay for a special occasion. Aged in Oak for 9 months, this Chardonnay has that rich mouth feel you crave with a Chardonnay. With a citrus led nose, and bright acidity, this wine showcases flavours of baked apples, toasted oak, and brioche with a beautiful finish.

So, you’re more of a red person? We have some gorgeous Beaujolais that can be served slightly chilled and still provide you with that refreshing brightness that everyone on the beach in the heat, or eating a heavy meal craves. Duboeuf Fleurie 4 Vents ($23.99) is a wonderful option for either an Easter meal or the beach! Best if served around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, this lightly chilled red will give you nuances of jammy dark berries with a bit of a peppery finish. Another fabulous option for red wine lovers would be a light Pinot Noir, De Loach ($18.99), an organic Californian red is wonderful when slightly chilled, light, full of red currant, and raspberry flavours, a mushroomy finish, and mineral undertones, which can stand up against any Easter protein of choice, especially roast lamb…but is light enough to take the edge off on a warm beach day.

Whether you’re looking for a great pairing, or looking to relax day and night on the beach, we have an assortment of fabulous options for your Easter weekend. Come on down to any of your Jacques Scott locations, and speak to our helpful and knowledgeable staff for what would best serve your holiday weekend!