Friday August 2: Bulleit Bourboun Popcorn POP UP event

2 mins readAug 1, 2019

Friday August 2: Bulleit Bourboun Popcorn POP UP at the Silver Palm Lounge Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

Bulleit is the bourbon brand that likes to pop-up at all the best scenes.  From Adelaide to London, New York to Nashville, this favourite of the whiskey-mixers loves to host a good party.

This Friday, we’re stopping by the Bulleit Bourbon Popcorn POP UP event in the Silver Palm lounge at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.  Don’t miss out on a party designed to be an intriguing and fun one-night-only event.

Plus – this is your chance to try the signature cocktail created by the team at Seven restaurant – the Candied Popcorn Old fashioned, on special from 7.30pm onwards.

About Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon is a straight up Kentucky bourbon whiskey that’s become something of sweetheart in the bourbon arena over the past few years. The company is all about sustainability, design and technology to respect the environment while creating this whiskey. A marriage of future-facing innovation with traditional distilling.

Originally created by Augustus Bulleit from 1830 to 1860, it’s his great-great-grandson, Mr Tom Bulleit we have to thank for reinventing it as a standout bourbon. It’s as flavourful and it’s as versatile as a whiskey can be, making it popular of both whiskey drinkers and cocktail creators. With a higher rye content than others, you’ll get a spicier kick from a Bulleit beverage than your regular whiskey.  It’s a smooth and warm feeling drink that’s just a little dry with a long woody finish.  Perfect for those with a nose to create a cocktail with sweet edge.

Silver Palms Lounge

And who better to create and execute such fun flavour adventures than the team at the Ritz-Carlton. Mixologists and bartenders at Silver Palms will offer you their new takes on Bulliet with some buttery, caramel, candied interest. Buttered popcorn infused Bulleit, with a blast of salted caramel and candied popcorn, is some serious grown up candy that’ll warm your heart and get your toes tingling. Find out what all the bourbon fuss is about for yourself, you might just fall for a whole new flavour profile.

Get the signature Candied Popcorn Old fashioned cocktail at the Silver Palm Lounge this Friday, August 2nd on special from 7.30pm.