Joyful & Triumphant: Our Appleton Rum Is a Gift Like No Other

2 mins readDec 15, 2020

Punch. Hot buttered. Coquito. Eggnog.
The holidays and rum are a proverbial match made in distillery heaven.
Extremely Limited Stock of the Appleton Estate 30 YO rum is available from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.

But don’t reach for the mixers just yet. Sometimes a rum is so layered, so full of character, and so effortlessly delicious it can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks without any added holiday bells and whistles.

Appleton Estate’s limited-edition Minimum 30 Years Old batch is one of those rums.
And, may we say, 30+ never looked (or tasted) so good.
Hailing from a centuries-old estate that grows and harvests its own sugar cane, sources water from its own pristine limestone spring, and distills its spirits with an exclusive yeast strain cultivated on site, this Appleton blend would be a marvel at any age. But Master Blender Joy Spence––the first woman in the industry to hold such a title––decided to do the rum community one better, painstakingly developing an all-new expression infused with blends dating back as much as five decades.
Undaunted by the tropical climate of Appleton’s native Jamaica (which causes rum to evaporate more quickly), Spence forged ahead and created the Appleton Estate 30 Year Old of 2018: one of only two such blends in the company’s storied 271-year history. Achieving an impressive 86 proof and following the minimum aging guidelines to the letter (not a drop in any bottle is younger than 30), this Appleton rum amounts to a new spin on the Christmas miracle, with unparalleled craftsmanship and premium ingredients coalescing to form a perfect mix of wintry flavours.
Lead by Appleton’s trademark note of orange peel, the 30 Year Old boasts a variety of sweetly intricate tastes, including maple, vanilla, honey, and even pear. And, with only 4,000 bottles produced, this rum carries an added cachet for the rum aficionado, making it an ideal gift your favourite collector.
Appleton Estate Master Blender, Joy Spence
Luckily for you, Jacques Scott just happens to have an extremely limited number of bottles on hand. But be warned: Such a rare gem is likely to go fast…and, in this case, restocking is sadly not an option. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions. 
And please enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!