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Where to Buy Whiskey Near Me in Grand Cayman
3 mins readJun 3, 2020

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The Four Types of Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey, by law, can fall into one of these four categories.

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

  • Grains: 100% malted barley
  • Distilled in: pot still
  • Made at: a single distillery
  • Flavor: Smooth, sweet, and malty

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

  • Grains: at least 30% malted and 30% unmalted barley
  • Distilled in: pot still
  • Made at: a single distillery
  • Flavor: Spicy

Single Grain Irish Whiskey

  • Grains: whole, unmalted cereals with up to 30% malted barley
  • Distilled in: column still
  • Made at: a single distillery
  • Flavor: Sweet, light, with floral top notes

Blended Irish Whiskey

  • Grains: any
  • Distilled in: pot and/or column stills
  • Made at: a single distillery or multiple distilleries
  • Flavor: Generally smooth, mellow, and silky.

Little-Known Irish Whiskey Facts

  • It is believed that Irish monks first developed Irish whiskey, which requires distillation to achieve its smoother finish.
  • Irish whiskey was one of the earliest distilled drinks in Europe. It was very popular with the British.
  • Irish whiskey uses a method called pot still where heat is applied directly to the pot. It is distilled three times.
  • According to the Irish Whiskey Act of 1980, Irish whiskey must be aged and distilled in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • In 1779, an estimated 1,200 Irish whiskey distilleries existed in Ireland, today there are only four still operating – Bushmills, New Midleton, Cooley, and Kilbeggan.
  • Cooley distillery is the only Irish whiskey distillery independently owned by an Irish man, John Teeling.
  • In Ireland, whiskey does not necessarily have to be spelled with an ‘e’. Historically, Irish distillers adopted the spelling to distinguish themselves from the then low-quality Scotch whisky. By law, both spellings are still allowed.
  • Irish whiskey has been the fastest growing spirit in the world every year since 1990.

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