Order Amstel Light Online on Grand Cayman

Order Amstel Light Online on Grand Cayman
3 mins readMay 22, 2022

If your plans on Grand Cayman are incomplete without a supply of Amstel Light, order it online from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits. We supply residents and vacationers alike with a host of wines, beers, and liquor brands, along with a comprehensive stock of juices, mixers, and sodas to prepare your bar.

Order Amstel Light Online on Grand CaymanTo order Amstel Light, Heineken, Coors Light, Red Stripe, Dos Equis, and several other brands, you’ll have to shop with Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits since we’re the exclusive distributor in the Caribbean of many brands, like these.

Our online orders are fulfilled quickly and delivered free of charge to any home, office, yacht, or beach blanket on Grand Cayman. For same-day delivery, place your order by 2:00 in the afternoon. Any later and you’ll have to stop in at our George Town location to pick it up yourself to receive it that day. This store closes at 7:00 pm, so we’ll have to have the order by 6:00 pm for same-day fulfillment.

Our locations are conveniently distributed throughout Grand Cayman for fast and easy shopping when immediacy is the priority or you simply like in-person browsing.

  • Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits, Frank Sound [+1 (345) 949-5397]
  • Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits, next to Fosters Republix, West Bay Road, West Bay [(345) 946-8259]
  • Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits, Morritts Plaza, Queens Hwy, East End [+1 (345) 946-5686]
  • Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits Wine Cellar Retail, Galleria Plaza, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach [+1 (345) 945-5260]
  • Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits Fine Wine Retail Store, North Sound Road and Shedden Road, George Town [+1 (345) 949-0277]
  • Countryside Shopping Centre, Countryside Shopping Mall, 33 Hirst Road, Savannah [+1 (345) 947-1536]

For Sunday plans, make sure that you consider purchasing drinks in advance since all of our store locations and delivery service will be unavailable.

Why Choose Amstel Light

Amstel Light is an excellent choice for beer lovers who desire a healthier option. It’s a pale lager produced in the Netherlands.

In a 12 ounce serving of Amstel Light, enjoy:

  • 3.5% ABV
  • 95 calories
  • 5 grams of carbohydrates
  • ZERO fat
  • ZERO cholesterol
  • 5 mg of sodium

Alcohol consumption, when kept in check, can actually be healthy. Studies have shown a reduced likelihood of stroke, heart attack, or other cardiovascular damage. These factors don’t even take into account the stress reduction from having a beer now and again.

Health is clearly not the only reason to choose Amstel Light. Flavor is another highlight. It’s undiluted with a special blend of barley malt and hops enjoyed by many who don’t even consider the health factors when grabbing Amstel Light.

When serving Amstel Light, make sure that it’s chilled for the best possible flavor. Avoid rich foods when you choose Amstel Light; the pairing should be light to parallel the body of the lager. From chicken fingers to salad or seafood, all of your casual favorites will be set off well with a chilled Amstel Light served in a pint glass.

Whether you live on Grand Cayman or have come for a relaxing vacation, milestone celebration, or work venture, order Amstel Light from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits online to enjoy complimentary delivery of any beer, wine, or spirit products you desire.