White Wine Pairings with Steak

White Wine Pairings with Steak
3 mins readFeb 9, 2020

When looking for the best white wine pairings for steak, you’ll enjoy a wide range of options from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits on Grand Cayman along with advice from our team of wine experts!

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How to Pair Steak with White Wine

White Wine Pairings with SteakThere’s an age-old myth that says white wine and steak do not work well together. But wine and food pairings are subjective. If you prefer white wine over red, look for one with good tannin and acid content to balance out the rich textures of the steak. Here are some great recommendations from the Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits staff:


Many white wines cannot stand up to red meat, but Chardonnay is an exception.  If you are firing up the barbecue for a grilled steak, look for lightly-oaked smoky or nutty Chardonnays and those with a natural acidity that can cut through the juiciness and fattiness of the meat. We heartily recommend the award-winning 2016 Bodegas Salentein Chardonnay from the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina.

Sauvignon Blanc/Sancerre

An unexpected wine choice to pair with steak is a highly acidic Sauvignon Blanc or cool Sancerre (made from the same grape). The fruitiness and aromatic intensity are well-suited to grilled meats. Try the divine Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Blanc from Loire, France.


Pair leaner cuts of beef, such as sirloin tips and top sirloin, with a light or medium-bodied champagne that has acidic qualities like that of a red wine that will cut through the texture of the meat. Consider a bottle of the award-winning Roederer Brut Premier from Champagne, France.


Fatty meats, such as prime rib, filet mignon, porterhouse steak, skirt steak, New York strip, T-bone steak, and ribeye steak, work exceptionally well with dry, rich, nutty German Rieslings. The intensity and complexity of this white wine can handle the texture and flavors of red meat. Try the Becker Pfalz Riesling from Pfalz, Germany.

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

The flavors and aromas of this white-wine grape vary widely from region to region and from style to style, but it’s well-known for its refreshing citrus flavor and zesty acidity that pairs well with well-seasoned steak. We recommend the 2017 J Vineyards Pinot Gris from Sonoma County, California.

Now that you have some tips for white wine pairings with steak, be sure to visit a Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits liquor store or place an order in our online shop for free delivery anywhere on Grand Cayman.