Wines That Go with Salmon

The wine selection for your meal can be make-or-break when it comes to making the right impressions and enjoying the full potential of the meal. The professionals here at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits will be happy to help you find the best wines that go with salmon to make your next dinner party on […]

Sauvignon Blanc Cheese Pairing

Pairing Sauvignon Blanc with cheese is the perfect equation for a successful gathering. Enjoy a picnic on the beach on Grand Cayman or an impressive first date effortlessly by taking advantage of Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits online ordering plus free delivery. The leading provider of beer, wine, and liquor, Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits, […]

What Wine Pairs with Salmon?

When salmon is on the menu and you need to discover what wine pairs well with your menu, consult with a few of the experts here at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits. Salmon is a versatile protein and welcomes a diversity of preparations and multiple wine pairings. Proudly supplying the liquor, beer, and wine needs […]