A Toast to our beautiful ocean from Guy Harvey & BV Coastal

2 mins readAug 28, 2020

BV Coastal Estates, one of the longest continuously running wineries of the Napa Valley teams up with The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) this week . The result is a perfect promotion for anyone who cares about the ocean or a good glass of wine. If you buy a bottle of BV Coastal Sauvignon Blanc; Chardonnay; Pinot Noir; or Cabernet Sauvignon you’ll also be donating $1 directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. The GHOF is tirelessly managing research, educational programmes, and environmental protection of our oceans from right here in the sea-loving Cayman Islands. Can you think of an easier way to contribute to the preservation of the ocean and the marine education of generations to come?
“It is our collective responsibility to preserve the marine environment and maintain the biodiversity of this planet” says Dr. Guy Harvey. Considering we can catch a glimpse of diamond dappled Caribbean Sea from most spots on the island, preservation of this natural wonder is often top of mind. Living as we do, in a 24-hour news cycle that favours grim news though, scenes of pollution and ocean destruction can weigh heavy. It is important to remember that threats to sea life can be averted and every little really does help!  If our beloved local hero Guy Harvey says so, then who can argue? Single-use plastics, conservation programmes and dedicated teams are becoming part of our vocabulary when it comes to positive and sustainable change that is challenging the eco-naysayers. Keep up to date and dive deep into underwater beauty via lots of documentary video from Guy Harvey and his team online
Our team at Jacques Scott believe taking the plunge from the comfort of your own home is glorious way to spend some time. And this week, the perfect accompaniment to your online underwater adventure a BV Coastal wine accompaniment. 
Where Guy Harvey’s passion led to the creation of a global brand and environmental protection foundation, Jason Dodge at BV Coastal Estate is a winemaker with an equal passion. His true north is to create the highest quality wines. Using cutting edge technology, Jason pulls from centuries of tradition, cross pollinates ideas and keeps challenging the industry norms on his journey to make fresher whites and richer reds.  Your only quandary is, which passion project to choose from? 
Too busy enjoying a sea view or an online ocean doco to visit us in store? No worries; allow us to deliver your wine purchase at no charge. Shop our ocean friendly wines online, we’ll deliver them to your home or business, free.