The Appleton Rum Remix

3 mins readAug 5, 2020

The Appleton Estate Rum portfolio is the most comprehensive in the market, from its signature expression to its limited editions, each bottle is true to its authentic Jamaican Roots. However, staying true to your Jamaica roots means evolving, exploring, and never conforming. That’s why it’s time to say likkle muore* to the familiar deep reds, golds and green hills adorning the long-lived curvy bottles. There’s a fresh new Appleton remix for all your senses in store now.  
The Art of Appleton Estate rum
This new branding shows what happens when the artist meets the Appleton team. For starters, a look back through almost 300 storied years of the Appleton Estate in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. Rum aficionado’s say that this unique terroir of limestone hills, rich soil and deep clear springs formed 12 million years ago in the Nassau Valley, is detectable in every sip. The distillery is one of the oldest in the world and has seen many changes over the centuries, including seismic shifts to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable more recently. 
The industry’s first female Master Blender, Joy Spence, leads a team committed to heritage processes. Consequently, the brand refresh distills the lush surroundings and Appleton heritage into the final product too. A new visual language for a venerable old rum emerges. The resulting new shapes, new colours, and new illustrations elevate Appleton, and encourages new experimentation and exploration. 
This contemporary version of Appleton is sleeker than before. The font logo has slimmed down to a strong wordmark. The eye-catching insignia is a modern tribute to the natural resources, beautiful flora, landscape, and rich history of Jamaica. Note the softer curves on the new bottle accentuating the smoothness of the drink. There is a new cork closure with beechwood top and synthetic shaft designed to ensure the integrity of the liquid. Appleton’s verdant Nassau Valley Estate is rendered in charming illustrations on the neck. Each label tells the story of each rum, with Joy Spence’s signature added to both the 12-Year-Old and 8-Year-Old expressions.
Appleton estate rums age more quickly than those aged in cooler climes.  This means richer, fuller flavours, with complex profiles and colouring. The aging statements on each bottle indicate the minimum age for every drop of rum within. The new look and feel speak’s directly to these elegant new expressions:
  1. Appleton Estate Signature.
    Vibrant greens represent this new blend, no less than 4 years aged with fruit forward aromas.
  2. Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve
    Warmer bronzes adorn this blend, echoing the honey bronze beverage crafted from pot-still stock.
  3. Appleton Estate 12-Year-Old Rare Casks 
    The black and gold design on this expression highlights the passion and craft that created the rich harvest gold colour and intense taste of this premium rum.
Rum is changing in the minds of millennials, mixologists and discerning drinkers, which explains how it passed the $1Billion in sales mark in 2018. What Appleton Estate offers you is an opportunity to reflect on your enjoyment of this versatile beverage with a world-class product produced right next door. 
The taste, the beautiful artwork the sleek new shape and story-telling labels, align with those drinkers who want rewarding experiences. Ready to go beyond a Cuba Libre this week?  Try the joy of rum with Appleton Estate Signature and Ting; make a new Old Fashioned with Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve or savour a sipping experience with Appleton Estate 12-Year-Old Casks.
We’re looking forward to hearing about your taste-tests.
Peruse the new offerings from master blender Joy Spence and the team from Nassau Valley with free delivery from Jacques Scott Cayman Islands, online store.
* A phrase from Jamaican patois generally used to say goodbye to a friend. The basic meaning is I’ll catch you later.