From the Jack Daniels family to you and yours this Christmas

4 mins readDec 3, 2019

What do friends and family in the Cayman Islands want for Christmas? A little traditional spirit mixed with something useful or needful. In other words – a great bottle of whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s is the whiskey that’s built on friendship, strong family ties and steadfast commitment to tradition.

Bond with your family & friends with a gift that’s made from strong customs and consistency. Giving a bottle of Jack Daniel’s is a signal to slow down, mellow out and reflect together on the year gone by. And just like that – you’ve started your very own tradition with every bottle gifted.

Over its 150 year history, Jack Daniels has been the world’s best-selling whiskey thanks to its unmistakable character – a liquid glimmer of the man himself and what he stood for. Jasper Newton Daniel – Jack to his family and friends – ran away from home shortly after his Stepmother entered the picture. He learned how to distill from a Lutheran Minister named Dan Call when he was just 6 years old. At 13, he bought the distillery from Call. While still a teenager in 1866, he bought the land in Lynchburg where the distillery still sits today and devoted himself to the idea of making a whiskey that meant something special, which would last long after he was gone. He used the spring water from a two-mile deep cave on his land; chose the finest grain and mellowed his whiskey through 20 feet of sugar maple charcoal which he changed regularly. Costly, extravagant, hard work and worth it, his determination placed him on another level from his competition and his process remains largely unchanged today. Mr. Jack never married and had no known children. But he created one big family with his employees, partners, friends, nieces and nephews which expand from Tennessee every year. Such are the bonds that have sustained the quality and unmatched flavour of Jack Daniel’s whiskey through the centuries.

Whilst the heritage is old, what is new is the way people serve, mix, drink and gift the whiskey.  Because Christmas is the best time of year to give quality spirits, and because the Jack Daniels family is a tradition worth sharing, we’ve chosen a few characters that provide perfect presents. Drop by any Jacques Scott store and we’ll get the right bottle wrapped and readied for gifting.

Old No.7 also known as Jack Daniel’s Black Label.

Nobody but Jack Daniel’s himself knows why the No. 7 is on the iconic black and white label – is it because he had 7 girlfriends, or that the No.7 train carried his barrels? What’s more intriguing than whiskey lore is the number of flavours to experience over the course of drinking every glass of Jack Daniel’s. The hallmarks of quality, consistency and drinkability in every square bottle make this drink the definitive sour-mash southern whiskey. Crack it open to smell aromas like caramel, vanilla and butterscotch. Pour it out and nose some English toffee and woody notes. Taste it carefully and you’ll find a complex of liquorice, toasted oak, fresh brew coffee and a nuttiness all percolating under its smoky sweetness. Whiskey aficionados will find the finish quick and sweet with hints of spices.  From Winston Churchill to Frank Sinatra, this is a spirit that captures fans for life. Give it to the cocktail creator, bourbon collector, whiskey drinker or party host in your life this season. The appeal of Jack Daniels lasts way past Christmas Day.

Single Barrel Select

Selecting one single barrel to be bottled means you know this Jack Daniels is a premium spirit.  Hand-selected for boldness and richness, no water added and straight from the cask, the Jack Daniel’s family call it a one-of-a-kind gift for the ones who matter most. Those almond, maple, black cherry, vanilla and oak flavours that Jack Daniels is known for are all present, but whiskey fans will find more; some taste a bubble gum note, others creamy banana, all enjoy the really long finish that calls for a second snifter to keep the taste test flowing! It’s nutty and spicy notes are mellowed and refined, and the alcohol is not over the top as it is with other 94% proofs. Surprise a whiskey connoisseur with this rich and intense Jack Daniels that rivals any fine brand on the market.

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack is a smooth, even more mellow member of the Jack Daniels family. It goes through charcoal filtration twice and the result is a clean, sweet-bourbon flavour that is light enough to fit in with Cayman Islands parties that start early. It’s a very calm, bright whiskey without any burn on the nose. It starts with a tinge of honey or cookie sweetness that’s followed by those maple wood char flavours. You’ll find more spices than fruit flavours in this polished whiskey. It has none of the oily or rougher sensations of a younger whiskey and all of the smoothness of a fine sipping one. Gentleman Jack is also perfect for the gastro-chef in your life as it works as a wonderful digestif, a brilliant cocktail base and is deliciously useful in the kitchen when it comes to desserts or sauces.

Jack Daniels Minis

Why give miniatures?  Useful for trialling Jack Daniels; invaluable at picnics; handy for a surprise sundowner on Seven Mile Beach; terrific for party favours; a perfect wink-and-nod present for your Kris Kringle (Secret Santa); last minute hamper fillers, we’ve had shoppers tell us many reasons for picking up packs of minis. Never forget that at Christmastime, you’ll never know when you need a bottle that fits in a pocket or purse.  With a 2oz bottle of Jack Daniels to hand, you’ve got the same big Tennessee flavour in a tiny package.