Fun Things to Do in the Cayman Islands

Fun Things to Do in the Cayman Islands
5 mins readAug 3, 2019

Planning a visit to the Cayman Islands and looking for fun things to do? Whether traveling solo or with family or friends, there are unforgettable experiences for everyone to enjoy. Here are several suggestions from our experts on how to spend your free time.

About the Cayman Islands

Fun Things to Do in the Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands is located in the western Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica and just over one hour by air from Miami, Florida. Grand Cayman is the largest of our three Islands and the location of our colorful capital, George Town. It’s only about 22 miles long, but packed with spectacular beaches and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Cayman Brac, about 89 miles to the northeast, is smaller (about 12 miles long), but has the most spectacular terrain of the three islands, while Little Cayman, five miles west of Cayman Brac, is even smaller (about 10 miles long) but is a nature lover’s dream.

Must-Do Activities in the Cayman Islands

Stingray City: Thousands of tourists visit the iconic Stingray City on Grand Cayman each day by boat, and walk, swim and snorkel among the stingrays that roam free in an area of the ocean protected by offshore reefs. The stingrays are large, friendly and love to be petted.

Cayman Turtle Farm: The world-renowned 23-acre Cayman Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman is a marine adventure park that is home to more than 7,000 Green Sea Turtles. They are the largest of the hard-shelled sea turtles and the second largest of all turtle species. Some of them weigh more than 500 pounds.

Cayman Crystal Caves: A geologic wonder, the Crystal Caves took millions of years to form as seawater erosion created caverns filled with stalagmites, stalactites, crystal-like mineral deposits, and a gorgeous interior lake. The caves are located in a lush tropical forest in North Side, Grand Cayman.

Snorkel Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto: Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto are two of Grand Cayman’s most popular dives. These sites are great for diving and snorkeling, and offer easy entry and exit diving ladders into the water. The coral reefs rise in vertical cliff faces from a 40-foot sand bottom to within a few feet of the surface. Explore Eden Rock Diving Center in George Town for dive excursions and equipment rental.

Bloody Bay Marine Park: Considered to be the most breathtaking vertical drop-off in the Caribbean, Bloody Bay is an awesome coral wall with visibility so clear that you can see the wall 200 feet to the left, to the right and directly below. The marine park on Little Cayman is a favorite of both skilled and beginning scuba divers.

Cayman Spirits Company Distillery: See how rum is made by taking a guided tour of the Cayman Spirits Company distillery to learn about their process for making their award-winning Seven Fathoms golden rums with local. The rum is aged in American White Oak bourbon barrels seven fathoms deep under water in a secret location off the coast of the Grand Cayman.

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