What’s so (Appleton) Special about Kingston 62?

2 mins readAug 4, 2020

If you’re still seeking an Appleton Special or checking the shelves for a Wray and Nephew Gold or Overproof, switch it up.
Kingston 62 is the new brand from Appleton Estate launched at the Jamaican Rum Festival at Hope Gardens in March, 2020. Taste testers will tell you that it’s the same high-quality rum, living on in a new bottle with a new lease of life. Kingston 62 contains not just a bona fide part of Jamaican heritage but channels that vibrant Jamaican energy too.
With the most comprehensive rum portfolio in the industry, rum lovers are exploring new expressions from the Estate year on year. For those looking for premium aged rums and limited-edition expressions, look for the Appleton Estate label. Appleton Special wasn’t just a liquid though, it was a lifestyle. The beloved gold or white rum was versatile and the foundation of many a legendary session at home and abroad. Therefore, the role of Kingston 62 is to keep things simple. Are you jumping aboard the rum bandwagon for the first time?  Maybe you’re getting ready for a Jamaican Independence Day party this August 6? Or are you just a loyal ‘Special or Uncle Wray drinker? Then there’s only one easy choice– Kingston 62 gold or white.  
Look out for the bold new Jamaican aesthetic: Kingston 62 is designed to celebrate the history, independence, and Jamaican pride. 
The bottle is prominently embossed with “Jamaica Rum” to alert you to an original rum staying true to world-beating standards of rum production.  With elements of the Appleton Estate process as unique as its flavours, its’ been gaining new fans every year as a result. 
Appleton is home to special varieties of non-GMO sugar cane that are processed into various and subtly flavoured molasses for each rum type. Kingston 62 is made from the limestone-filtered water that comes from daily midday showers over the Nassau Valley, down through Trelawny and up into the caves at Appleton. The sweet soft turquoise water gives an unparalleled effect.  It’s aged and bottled without additives to the same Appleton Special & White recipe that’s unchanged since the 1940’s. 
Kingston is the worldwide heartbeat of Jamaican independence, where people still gather every August to commemorate the massive parties of August 1962; hence the Kingston 62 label. The label colour harks back to the gold of the Jamaican flag, symbolising the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight. The lion symbolises the strength, courage, and pride of the Jamaican people and the resilience they have built up since gaining their independence. 
This year commemorates Jamaican heritage in a contemporary way – by celebrating movement, a new aesthetic and change. Kingston 62 is on sale this August 2020. Shop online for FREE DELIVERY.