Cayman Islands Wines & Spirits

6 mins readOct 21, 2017

Whether you live in the Cayman Islands or are enjoying our tropical paradise for business or leisure, place an online order for your favorite beverages from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits and have it delivered free of charge to your home, office, yacht, villa or resort hotel!

Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits offers:

  • Premium and rare spirits
  • Local and imported beers
  • Huge selection of award-winning wines
  • Four convenient locations across the Island
  • Online ordering with free delivery

When you place your order online, we will send you an email containing your order confirmation number. Your order is transmitted directly to our secure servers, where it will be processed by our dedicated sales associates during normal business hours (Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm).

If we receive your order before 3:00 pm, we’ll deliver it the same day. If you opt to pick-up in our flagship store on Shedden Road, orders placed online before 6:00 pm will be available for pickup until the store closes at 7:00 pm.

Six Reasons to Vacation in the Cayman Islands

1. Endless Sunshine – The climate is pleasant and warm here all year long, with winter (November-March) temperatures averaging 24°C (72-80°F), and summer (May- October) temperatures averaging 28°C (80-88°F). Continuous sunshine, cool trade winds, and blue skies make the Cayman Islands an ideal vacation destination at any time.

2. Relaxing Beaches – Beaches in the Cayman Islands are spectacular and serene. Seven Mile Beach, among the most famous in the Caribbean, features flawless white sand and warm, shimmering turquoise water that makes you want to bask in the sun all day long. But there are at least 13 other beautiful beaches around Grand Cayman to explore, with all types of marine life populating their waters. Some offer kayaking, kite surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing and paddle boarding.

3. First-Class Accommodations – You’ll find a wide variety of accommodations in Cayman, ranging from large luxury resorts on the beach, to stunning, fully equipped condos and villas, to affordable guest houses and bed and breakfasts. No matter where on the Island you prefer to stay, there are options that will fit your family’s lifestyle and budget.

4. Great Food – The Cayman Islands are the culinary capital of the Caribbean, offering a diverse selection of eateries from charming fish-fry shacks to 5-star restaurants. You’ll find impeccable fresh fish dishes as well as French, Mexican, Italian, Thai, American, Caribbean, and Asian specialties that represent the cultural diversity of the Islands’ residents.

5. Great Scuba Diving – With crystal clear waters, flourishing coral reefs and a different dive site for all 365 days of the year and all skill levels, Cayman is known around the world for its phenomenal diving. Experience dramatic wall dives, superb wreck sites, accessible shore options, and even adventurous night dives.

6. Great Shopping – Grand Cayman is rated #1 in the Caribbean for duty free (tax free) shopping, which means you won’t pay taxes on clothing, jewelry, or anything else you’re thinking of buying.

Whether traveling solo, with friends, or looking for a relaxing getaway with your sweetheart or family, the Cayman Islands offer something for everyone to enjoy, including the world’s finest beverages from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits!

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